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LCP is a private equity real estate investment firm focused on acquiring and operating industrial, flex, and office assets through a value-add and core-plus strategy in select markets nationwide. We are tireless learners, always looking to find value in places overlooked.

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LCP was built 16 years ago in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. A flash-pan full of grit, sparked by a desire to grow capital skillfully, erupted into a track record of high-quality risk adjusted returns, operational excellence, and most importantly a portfolio of meaningful relationships across 16 states and a wide variety of asset classes.

At LCP, we  leave our egos at the door.  We are intensely curious, always looking to quench an insatiable appetite for learning things unknown. We work hard and play hard. If it isn’t worth working hard, then it isn’t fun working. We are meaningfully scrappy, but abnormally experienced. We are always looking to approach new challenges with tenacity and punch above our weight. We have grit. Rain or shine, we endure with vigor, excellence, and the same forceful determination that sparked the flash-pan 15 years ago.

Why We Exist

To foster an insatiable appetite for learning things unknown. To find value in places overlooked. To grow and manage capital with joy and excellence. So that we and our investors may share full and vibrant lives with those we love.

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